Perspectives archive


Reimaging the Transaction Account

How Banks Can Remain Relevant in the Mobile Wallet Races

Square Emphasizing the Importance of Niche in Payments

State of the Proximity Payments Playing Field – as of 10/30/14

Facebook Poised to Make a Splash in P2P Payments

Welcoming Apple to the World of Payments

Embarking on the Apple Payments Expedition

The Continued Case for Apple Payments

The Merchant Headache in Proximity Payments

Transaction Volume to Play a Key Role in Mobile Wallet Traction

How to Drive Mobile Payments Adoption: Eliminate One of the Human Counterparties

The Case for an OpenTable Mobile Wallet

Mobile in Dining: A Branded Approach

Mobile in Dining: A Branded Approach – Part II

The Case for an Apple Mobile Wallet

Fundamental Smartphone Features Likely to Play a Role in Payments


Pondering “Foursquare Banking” by American Express

Avoiding Commoditization in a Democratized Retail Banking Space

Banks’ Growing Blindness to Consumer Activity

Time for Banks to Play on Social Providers’ Turf

The Subscription Model in Banking

Making the Move to Mobile-First in Retail Banking

Walmart’s Next Step in Financial Services: PFM

Retail Banking Customers Still Seeking an Enriched Mobile Experience

Applying the Coffee Shop Model to Bank Branches

Liquidity and Cash Flow Management: An Area of Opportunity for Banks

Pushing Consumers Away From the Bank Branch

Tech Relationships at the Helm of Bank Digital Strategy

Maintaining Customers Relationships in a Self-Service Banking Environment

Commoditized Banking Yielding Artificial Loyalty

Time to Take PFM to the Bank

Mobilizing the Branch Experience

State of the Mobile Payments Playing Field – as of 8/12/13

Breaking Down the Mobile Payments Playing Field – as of 7/10/13


Mobilizing a Powerful Customer Experience

The Digital Receipt as a Gateway for Customer Acquisition

Decoupled Debit a Rewards Jackpot for Consumers

Using Digital Receipts to Facilitate Loyalty Program Enrollment

Retailers Look to Beacons for Enhancing In-Store Customer Experience

Tapping the Vault of Itemized Transaction Data

Loyalty Programs: Clear Skies-Turned Cloudy

Stuff Your Wallet With (Digital) Receipts

mPOS: Transforming In-Store Commerce

Mobile in Retail and Dining: Marketing and Loyalty Opportunities

Mobile in Retail and Dining: Access to Data & Analytics

Mobile in Retail and Dining: An Enhanced Purchasing Process

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