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Unattended retail to take center stage in the collision of digital and physical

Technology today continues to grow at a magnificent rate. So significant, in fact, that experiences on your favorite website or app probably consume a considerable portion of your down time. Other online activities – such as watching TV, ordering food … Continue reading

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Introducing Differentiated Product Offerings in Banking

Fitbit did it with fitness challenges. Snapchat is doing it with lenses and geofilters. Uber will do it with Trip Experiences. This critical component of the customer experience is engagement. After providing customers with a good deal on your product … Continue reading

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Mobilizing a Powerful Customer Experience

As any marketer will tell you, modern-day technology has created opportunities for brands to engage with customers in ways that were previously unthinkable. With the use of geo-location and push notifications within smartphones, communication can be made with the customer … Continue reading

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Pondering “Foursquare Banking” by American Express

In an earlier post, I proposed that banks could enhance transaction account products by partnering with fintechs or other technology companies that have a competitive advantage in delivering rich, consumer-centric experiences through digital channels. By integrating the solutions of a non-bank … Continue reading

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Reimagining the Transaction Account

The lines between consumer and financial worlds have drawn closer over time. This began several decades ago with mass adoption of credit cards, as banks got their first glimpse into daily consumer activity and habitual spending. Uber, Disney Magic Bands … Continue reading

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How Banks Can Remain Relevant in the Mobile Wallet Race

A once-fragmented mobile wallet ecosystem has evolved into a spectrum of definitive players that intend to be the consumer’s go-to payment method in physical stores, a space loosely defined as “proximity payments”. The evolution of this space has raised a … Continue reading

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The Digital Receipt as a Gateway for Customer Acquisition

In 2014, I wrote about the potential for using digital receipts to expedite loyalty program enrollment. My viewpoint has been that the real-time push notification, leveraged in the context of everyday retail purchases, is a powerful tool for merchants, consumers … Continue reading

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Decoupled Debit a Rewards Jackpot for Consumers

It has been frequently rumored since its 2014 inception that Apple Pay would roll out a rewards program for users of its digital payment service – likely as a means of driving adoption and establishing Apple Pay as the default … Continue reading

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Banks’ Growing Blindness to Consumer Activity

In the age of big data and digitization, data has become an increasingly valuable asset for banks, whose millennial customers often leave digital blueprints of their life, via online shopping, social media posts and ride share receipts. And, to no … Continue reading

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Using Digital Receipts to Facilitate Loyalty Program Enrollment

Last holiday season, I wrote about the potential of digital receipts for driving consumer engagement; through embedded PFM features and integrated social media channels. Unfortunately for merchants, the value proposition of these features is limited. Instead, they are more focused … Continue reading

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