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The Digital Receipt as a Gateway for Customer Acquisition

In 2014, I wrote about the potential for using digital receipts to expedite loyalty program enrollment. My viewpoint has been that the real-time push notification, leveraged in the context of everyday retail purchases, is a powerful tool for merchants, consumers … Continue reading

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OpenTable, Inc. (OPEN)

Background In a perfect world, OpenTable’s name would hardly be spoken at its restaurant customers’ locations. Its nifty online reservation platform would leave few, if any, open tables available to the diner who tries to reserve a table over the … Continue reading

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Bonds Get Their Turn

Equities made a strong run in late 2010 and early 2011; now, it may be time for bonds to make one of their own. Ever since commodities became uncomfortably hot in early May, inflationary pressures have cooled, helping push 10-year … Continue reading

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Are We in For a Summer Cagastrophe?

Oil prices had us nervous earlier this month, with futures racing into the triple digits. Crude has since cooled, now trading right around the $100 mark and giving way to a stronger US dollar. A great majority of dollar shorts … Continue reading

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The ECB’s Task: Make Everyone Happy

A surge in global commodity prices has led to widespread inflationary concerns among the biggest economic players. In the US, rising food and energy prices in particular have prompted economists to criticize the slow QE2 exit strategy employed by the … Continue reading

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A Summer of Overheating in Emerging Nations

For every day spent by the Federal Reserve patiently allowing QE2 to end, the notch is turned one degree higher on the stove of emerging nation economies. The Fed’s loose money policy has sent investors scrambling to emerging markets such … Continue reading

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